EasyBCD 1.6

EasyBCD can edit the Windows Vista boot menu to boot to different OS
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EasyBCD is the GUI implementation of the Windows Vista bcdedit.exe. Well, it can edit the Windows Vista boot menu. In older Windows systems, we have been using a boot.ini file, which was somewhat easy. But it could be edited/deleted by anyone or a virus. Bcdedit.exe is a command-line utility. So, it isn't easy to use by a regular user.

EasyBCD is freeware. It has all the settings to add/edit/delete or change the advanced settings of Windows booting. It can even make the booting to Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc. possible.

The Diagnostics Center can be used to recreate the boot files in case they are damaged. We can also backup/restore boot settings into/from a file. "NeoGrub" can be installed in case you don’t have a Grub or LILO installed in the boot loader. Thus, the Vista is not the main thing. We still have to install Grub to boot to Linux.

Adding and deleting entries is easy. We just have to select the OS from the list and its installed location (disk).

Windows 7 is just a modified version of Windows Vista. So, the program runs fine.

Zack Martin
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